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DONATE: The Granny P.A.C. 2 ™

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Granny Kay has a network of families throughout Cincinnati who are worthy recipients of the gift of The Granny P.A.C.™. Add one to your cart to donate to a child!

Building on the principle of spreading  PEACE, ACCEPTANCE, AND COMPASSION (P.A.C.), The Granny P.A.C. 2™ was created! This pac includes three beautifully illustrated books, two hardbacks and one board book, hand-selected by Granny Kay that teach:

Inclusion. This book illustrates the wide spectrum of family formations that exist in our beautifully diverse world. Written and illustrated by a dynamic husband-wife team, this book makes you laugh, stimulates great conversations with kids, and makes you appreciate the inclusive definition of family that these funky animals believe in which is”…if you love each other, then you are family.”

Diversity. The large, bold, colorful visuals of the different people Lena and her artist Mom meet while taking a walk through her village will capture and enchant your family! This book offers rich, delicious descriptions and imagery of “The Colors of Us.” A beautiful, creative way to celebrate the diversity of our world that every child will enjoy.

Giving and receiving peace. This board book explores the many different meanings of “peace.” For example, “Peace is giving shoes to someone who needs them” with a picture of a striped caterpillar wearing 12 multi-colored pairs of shoes OR “Peace is being free”, as a lone bird flies through a vibrant blue sky filled with white clouds. Simple, bold beautiful images of peace that a child and the reader will surely enjoy.